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Sea Space canvas bags
Cockpit sheet and halyard bag   rail or railing bag in canvas for boats and yachts   Laundry bag in canvas   Canvas Document case or bag   canvas peg bags

Document case


Peg Bag

The cockpit bag stores the sheets and halyards that can clutter up and get tangled in the cockpit.  

These spacious railing bags help to solve any number of problems from loose halyards and sheets to fishing tackle etc.
Supplied with velcro fixing straps.


Colourful storage and laundry bags that will add a touch of style to the mundane chore of wash day.


This document case will put you a cut above all your fellow travellers. Carefully designed with practical and useful pockets.


The perfect soft stowage solution for peg storage. Simple to store away and makes it so much easier to use the pegs on deck.









Mini bags for useful storage aboard a boat
Carrier bag that thinks it's a rucksack too.
Storage bags in canvas.
folding canvas bucket for boats

Beach Bags


Shower Bag


Practical and stylish bags with a strong nautical look and feel.
Designed and made to last a lifetime using Sumbrella and available in two distinct color combinations.


Just perfect for all those little items that so easily disappear when you want them most. Soft protective bag solves several problems at a stroke.


Easy to seal and practical bag to help you store away all those awkward items safely and tidily in the dry.



Practical solution to the age old problem of a bag that actually holds what you want as you head for the shower block.


Inspired by the old traditional "canvas water bucket",we have designed a new version using modern materials which retains the traditional look and fine craftmanship.













Mast Halyard bag

Bag for a carrier







Rucksack or trolley bag, the Carrier bag is a truly versatile solution to the problems of transporting the shopping.


Tidy away all those loose sheet and halyard ends in this smart and robust mast bag. Keep the mast base neat and safe.




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