Mini Storage Bag

seaspace solutions

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SeaSpace Solutions has the answers to the following questions:

Where did I put my glasses? 
What happened to the Cell phone? 
No keys? 
Did you see the sunscreen? 

Our unique, one of a kind, Mini Bag, lets you place the bag in any place you have a small corner, nook or cranny, on deck or below.

The bags are held in place by a turn buckle which itself can be attached to any surface using either the very strong special adhesive pad supplied or small screws.

The bag is made of “Sunbrella” and can stay exposed to the sun and rain (without a problem) for many years. It will not fade or deteriorate, we promise.

Width: 13.5cm / 5.31''   
Height: 15.5cm / 6.10'' 


Available Colors: Dark Blue, Yellow, Red, Oyster, Light Blue