Shower Bag for Boat/Caravan

seaspace solutions

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Need additional storage space in your bathroom, head, or WC? Perhaps two bags, one for the swimming pool and one for the showers in the marina? Maybe a double bag to separate your shower items from your cosmetics? Is there a reason for carrying your jewelry and sewing items in one bag?

The SeaSpace Solutions shower bag is indeed the answer for questions posed above. You can install it easily without drilling any holes in your boat. The 3M Velcro on the back sticks to flat surfaces. It can be easily removed and relocated elsewhere.

The two bags are attached to the board with zippers. It is simple to dismantle them. If you would like to use them as a double bag, just zip them together.

The shower bag is made out of Sunbrella and Ferrari mesh and is UV protected, waterproofed and extremely strong. All the accessories are marine grade and the zippers are from YKK. The standard of workmanship is of the highest quality.

Width:32cm / 12.60''  
Height: 52cm / 20.47''